About Denton

Denton is a town that sits within the Metropolitan Borough of Tameside, which is part of Greater Manchester. It’s location is close to the centre of Manchester, around five miles and has plenty of amenities, attractions, landmarks and a robust public transport system.

Twin Town

In 1992 Denton became a twinned town with Montigny le Bretonneux in France. Outside Denton Town Hall is a French road sign pointing to Monigny’s Town Hall and likewise pointing back to Denton. In September 2012, Denton celebrated 20 years of being twinned with Montigny. Since then Denton has been twinned with the German town of Kierspe, which itself has also been twinned with Montigny for 25 years.

Town twinning is a local voluntary scheme run by the Denton Town Twinning Association who rely on donations to continue cultural, educational and commercial links between the towns.


Denton War Memorial – Photograph by Gerald England

In Victoria Park, Denton, there’s a war memorial commemorating people from Denton and Haughton who served in the two world wars. There was 3,500 men from Deonto who served in the Great War and of those, 369 were killed in duty. The memorial was erected by the council in 1921 after relatives of the service men wrote to the council with their details.

There’s also a 500 year old church in Denton, the church of St. Lawrence, which was built in 1531. The church is a Grade II listed building and known locally as “Th’owd Peg”, meaning The Old Peg on account of it being build with wooden pegs as opposed to nails. There’s a local urban legend floating around which says that beneath the church lies the grave of a pirate, hence the skull and crossbones at it’s door.