Denton Town Team

Welcome to Denton Town Team. The aim of the Town Team is to bring together people to promote and support the revitalisation of Denton Town Centre based on the recommendations of the Portas review of British High streets. The Denton Town Team was setup in 2012 and is made up from representatives from local business, the local community and Tameside Council.

We are already working hard and have run a number of events that been successful in bringing people into the town centre , supporting our community and spending money!

The Town Team is constituted around a ‘voted on‘ executive team that meets on as monthly basis… But there are also lots of other wider  Town Team groups that are active in areas such as organising events, working with local businesses and promoting community involvement.

Denton Town Team Executive Team Members

Tony Moran  Chair
George Newton Vice Chair
Martin Walton  – Treasurer
Alison Lloyd-Walsh – Secretary TMBC Officer
Anne Heath –  TMBC office
Mathew Bonilla – Bonilla Enterprise Ltd
Carol Masters – Faith representatives Christ Church
Elizabeth Rushton – Royal Bank of Scotland
Angela Monks – (MPs office)
Denis Ward – Councillor
Brenda Warrington – Councillor
Vincent Ricci – Councillor

Associate Members

Alan Taylor – BabyOX Production (Resident)
Gemma Clayton -infinity Initiative
Kerri-Anne Devlin – Enterprise Ltd (Resident)
Debbie Lowe -Anvil Masters
Denton Town Twinning association
Denton Carnival group
Jonathan Howson -Diverse Denton (Resident)

If you’d like to find out or would like to get involved  we would love to hear from you…

Please  send us an email or fill in box below.