Denton is located in the south of the Tameside, straddling the M67 and in close proximity to the M60. Once famed for its felt hat making industry, Denton has now become an important retail destination following the development of a town centre Morrison’s store and the Crown Point North shopping area. Sited next to the town’s M67 junction, Crown Point draws shoppers from across the sub-region.

Whilst these assets have increased the town’s ‘high street’ retail offer, they have impacted on the town’s ‘traditional’ independent businesses and increased traffic congestion.

The town centre has been able to improve the quality of its public realm from developer contributions secured from Crown Point. This has enabled improvements to be made to primary streets and the former Market Square, which has been redesigned to create a high quality civic space.

As with the majority of town centres, Denton’s urban fabric comprises a range of architectural styles and periods, with the historic (predominantly Victorian) core providing the town centre with a number of distinct buildings that contribute to the town’s identity. Conversely, the majority of the post war development offer limited enhancement of the town’s environment. Future development within the town centre must remedy this with developments that enhance the town’s environment and where possible utilise and complement key historic buildings.