Public Transport

To Denton there are a number of bus routes available with links to Ashton, Hyde, Stockport and Manchester. There’s a train service that runs, famously, only one train once a week one way.

Via Bus

Getting to Denton via bus routes is relatively easy and quite frequent, the best route depends on where you’re coming from.

From Ashton

There’s two busses from Ashton which cross Denton’s path, the 347 which is quite frequent and usually every ten minutes, and the 345 which runs every hour. These will take you to Crown Point and the 347 runs from 5:10am to 12:11am with a journey time of around 15mins, passing by Guidebridge Station.

From Stockport

Again, two buses from Stockport station gets in the vicinity of Denton. The 327 runs every hour from Stockport station, beginning at 6:30am and ending it’s last route at 6:45pm. The 327 has a journey of around 25mins and passes through Brinnington. The 317 takes a little longer as it runs through Reddish before hitting Denton and begins it’s route at 7:05am running through to 6:52pm.

From Hyde & Manchester

From Hyde & Manchester the two bus routes are the 201 and the 204. Both busses run quite frequently, every ten minutes or so, and take around 30mins from Manchester. The 201 starts at 5:20am and ends it’s route at 3:05am whereas the 204 begins it’s journey at 5:46am and runs through to 23:56pm.

Via Train

There’s only one train that runs into Denton from Stockport and it’s the only train of the week, operating every friday from 9:22am in Stockport. It only runs one way and it arrives at Denton at 9:31am before it’s final destination in Stalybridge, arriving at 9:49am. Comically, this is regarded as one of the worst train services in the country, but at least one is better than none!