Denton Town Team – “A Legacy To Be Proud Of”

Denton Town Team was primarily formed as a group of volunteers set up under the hospice of the Mary Portas initiative in partnership with TMBC being part of a national scheme raising the awareness in the decline of local independent businesses on the high street in most Towns across the country, Denton being one of the towns mentioned in the national press with a high rate of 28% unoccupied shops, pleased to say is not the case today of 2%-3% rolling.

In 2012 Denton Town Team was formed as a none political organisation with a structured constitution as a platform to promote Denton Town Centre whilst involving local community groups and encouraging the residents of Denton in supporting their towns local businesses ,local economy, sustaining local jobs and providing an opportunity to support new business ideas.

I am pleased to say we did achieve the teams “Vision and Mission Aims” with a degree of success encouraging and attracting new businesses to Dentons town centre whilst at the same time supporting existing businesses.

The rebranding Discover Denton website and distinctive logo proved to be a great success complimented with a social media campaign as part of free listing for any local business to advertise their goods or services on the web.

Over the past five years the teams organising skills have been put to the test with our first event Party in the Park celebrating the centenary of Victoria Park, moving on the what was to be the teams  major annual event Dentons unique  four day Christmas Market with a traditional Christmas tree light switch on, supported by the very popular Dentons Got Talent Show was another success story the team collectively delivered as part of engaging with the community.

The local community  over the past three years have gathered on the Civic Square to take part in this annual community four day event for everyone to enjoy and being a  part of a Christmas tradition, a legacy which the Denton Town Team can be proud of.

After an interesting five years Denton Town Team will cease to be, it’s fair to say MISSION ACCOMPLISHED  as Chair and a Denton resident I feel  proud to of been a part of a volunteer organisation working  as a team in the true spirit of the Portas initiative promoting local business and local community groups.

On behalf of all the Denton Town Team I would like to take this opportunity to thank  those who gave freely their support, time, kind donations and will  continuing  to support the newly formed Denton Town Council.

Best Wishes

Tony Moran Chair (Retired)
Denton Town Team

Download a copy of the final AGM minutes HERE